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Welcome to My Barefoot Farm! My name is Sam and I raise dairy,beef, pork and fiber in the beautiful state of Georgia.

My husband works full time in the Emergency Room while I stay home to care for our 8 children and farm. 

Cheesemaking is my passion and my goal is to eventually build and operate a raw milk micro dairy for farmstead cheeses. 

My dairy cows are Jersey and my fiber animals are alpaca, along with Teeswater and Wensleydale sheep. These longwool sheep are sheared twice a year and produce beautiful and soft locks for spinning.

I love to document my farming and family adventures on my blog, and I also love to encourage others who want to start farming.

Please stay and browse through my site and as always, thank you for supporting a small farmer.




Make fresh ricotta cheese!

Small Farmers on a Mission

Just 9 years ago we were living the suburban life in a nice, respectable neighboorhood with friendly neighbors. After discovering we were expecting our 5th baby, we began to dream of more outdoor space for animals and honeybees.

We were fortunate to find 30 acres to buy at auction for a price within our budget.

Today we have 8 children, a small herd of dairy and beef cows, and a modest flock of fiber animals. We have grown from back yard chickens and honeybees to a family sized farm with a varied collection of animals.

Over the last few years we have strived to learn more and to share our knowledge in hopes of encouraging others who want to begin their journey into farming. Thank you for following as we share our adventures and experiences as we continue to grow.

To foster support and encouragement for small, local farmers. To continue to learn as we expand and grow. To nurture relationships with other farmers and families.


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Blog posts and farm updates

Milking Cows Again

Last weekend proved to be an exciting one with the birth of two new calves. Both calves were bull calves, and although I would have preferred to have heifers, I am very happy that these babies are healthy. Of course, both cows decided to birth on a cold and rainy...

Calving Season

Calving Season

Now that lambing season is done I get to prepare for calving season. I dried up all of the milking girls back in December so that we could get a much needed break from milking. I sent three girls to a neighbors farm so that they could be bred with his beef bull, while...

How Do I Start My Farming Adventure

How Do I Start My Farming Adventure

One question I am asked frequently by people is how I got started farming and how difficult it may or may not have been to start. Because this is such a hot topic  I have decided to write about it here and call it part of my Motivational Monday. We have plenty of...

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