Milking Cows Again

Last weekend proved to be an exciting one with the birth of two new calves. Both calves were bull calves, and although I would have preferred to have heifers, I am very happy that these babies are healthy.

Of course, both cows decided to birth on a cold and rainy weekend, and Ivy even saved it for 3 am. Her calf was very large and required pulling, but it was an easy pull.

After a couple of days with mama, we start feeding the calves with a nipple bucket. They were fairly quick to catch on and are great eaters. Of course we also spend plenty of time rubbing and loving on the little guys.

Calves eating
Calves eating

I still have 2 more dairy cows pregnant and I think due in a couple of months. I also have at least one beef mama due soon as well. So it seems calving season will extend well into the summer months.

We are milking cows again after a few months off. It is nice to have fresh milk back in the fridge and the boys are asking for fresh yogurt already. Cheesemaking will soon start back up and I will try and perfect my cheesemaking, as well as try and make some new cheeses.

New calf

Thankfully it is starting to dry out this week. If you asked me yesterday what I really farm, I would tell you I farm mud. There is much and mud everywhere because we have had so much rain. That is farm life though.

Boots in mud

In other news, we have separated the lambs from their mamas and will be starting to wean them. This means I will soon have fiber lambs ready to find new homes. If you are a fiber artist or spinner , now is a great time to get a Teeswater or WensleydalexTeeswater baby. These lambs already have beautiful and soft fleece. I have 4 boys and 2 girls available.

Happy Tuesday!






April 10, 2018 samantha