My Barefoot Farm

Welcome to my new website and blog! If you are new or if you have followed my adventures these last several years, I am glad you made it here to my new spot.

When I first started blogging, it was used mainly as a way to share my family and farm adventures with out of town family and friends. It grew into a blog about family, homeschooling, crafts, quilting and farming over the years, and I have enjoyed every minute.

As the the number of dairy cows have grown, so has my passion for cheesemaking. I have over the last few years attended a few really great cheesemaking courses. One course in particular really inspired me to pursue my dream of building and operating a micro creamery for farmstead cheeses. My goal is to use these next couple of years to make that dream a reality. The first step to reaching my goal is to leave the hobby farm behind and focus on building a farm business, and it starts with a new website.

I do not plan any major changes, other than using this site to help sell shares of beef and pork and fiber when it is available. I still plan to blog and keep posting on the farm and the family. I hope to share my challenges and wins as I work to get this creamery dream started. I also hope to insure others who want to chase their dreams of farming or homeschooling or making cheeses.

When I first moved to this property and started farming I was blessed with several other farmers who helped me along the way. I still have a few close farming friends who I am able to call for advice or ask for help. I have also found myself among a group of ladies who all farm, very inspiring and strong women. One day I will write about these women because they really are fabulous!

I truly hope to be an encouragement to others. Farming is, most days, the best lifestyle but it can also be hard. Mother Nature can be cruel, as all farmers know too well. I always tell new farmers to soak up the great days, really take them in because you will need those days to make up for the hard days.

Thank you for joining me on my adventure if you are new. Thank you for sticking with me if you are not new. You can also follow me on Facebook HERE.

Now let’s go out and encourage each other!


March 20, 2018 samantha